Best Forex Trades of the Day

See the most successful interday trades over the past 24 hours

This page shows the ten currency pairs with the most profitable forex trades (in pips). These trades were opened and closed within the past 24 hours on the OANDA fxTrade trading platform.

Review the most profitable trades

By default, the table below the chart shows the currency pairs with the most profitable trades. Each row in the table includes columns showing the direction, profit (in pips) and duration of the most profitable trade for that currency pair.

See profitable trades charted against market rates

Click a currency pair link to see a graph showing its most profitable trade plotted against the pair’s market rates. Colors show when the trade was opened and closed. The graph is updated once per hour and shows rates in 15-minute increments.

Compare the most profitable trades against averages

The following additional details are shown in the table:
  • Max movement: The maximum movement in the market (from high to low or from low to high) over the past 24 hours. This value could be considered the maximum possible interday profit for the pair.
  • Profit/Max movement: The percentage of the most profitable trade’s movement compared to the maximum market movement. In other words, how close the trade was to its maximum profitability.
  • Avg. profit: The average profit in pips for all profitable trades opened and closed over the 24-hour period. (The duration is also provided for these trades.)

Sort the table

Click on the column headings to sort the table by any of the profit categories. Click again to reverse the order shown. By default, the table shows the pairs with the most profitable trades, sorted with the most profitable first.

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