US Employment Data

Employment Data

Indicator    Date Change
Average Hourly Earnings 21.18 Oct 2015 +0.43 %
Average Weekly Earnings 713.77 Oct 2015 +0.73 %
Labour Force 142,654 Oct 2015 +0.19 %
Non Farm Payroll 271 Oct 2015 +97.81 %
Unemployment Insurance Initial Claim 298,000 Aug 16, 2014 -4.49 %
Unemployment Rate 5.0 Oct 2015 -0.10 
Employment reports provide details on the number of people actively seeking employment, and are usually expressed as the percentage of the workforce not currently employed. Statistics such as average earnings and the number of new jobs created during the period are often included in the reports to help analysts determine if a trend is developing. Results are also broken down by industry sector, so it is possible to gauge how well areas like manufacturing and mining are performing in comparison to the national average.