Forex Rates as Horizon Graphs

Horizon graphs provide a compressed visualization of rate changes over time. While these graphs may require some time to get used to, they can be very useful when comparing a large number of line graphs in a single screen. (Find out more.)

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About these Horizon Graphs

Horizon graphs were developed by Panopticon. The graphs above are generated as follows:

Step 1: Price movement is plotted for a set time span, with the x axis (zero point) representing the average price over the time span. (Currency rates are taken from the close price of candlesticks for each time period.)

Step 2: Color is varied over a set number of bands to make patterns and exceptions more visible. Blue bands show positive price movement relative to the zero point; red bands show negative rate movement.

Step 3: Increases and decreases are both placed in a shared vertical space (the negative values can set to be either mirror or offset).

Step 4: The color bands are collapsed to take up less vertical space.