OANDA is an Open Book

We believe market data and costs should be visible to all

Most banks and forex market makers don't share their data on client positions and pending orders with traders and if they do, they only share it with a select few. They are equally opaque about their costs.

At OANDA, our aim is to give you the information you need to make smarter trades. We work to eliminate hidden processes in pricing and execution, and we provide open forums where our traders can communicate freely with each other.

It's only fair to offer clients:

Get a snapshot of market sentiment

OANDA provides information on current open positions and open orders in our market. We publish it openly, free of charge. This information lets you interpret current trading activity of thousands of traders in our market, including the client price expectations that are contributing to natural resistance and support levels.

We are one of the few market makers to share this data openly; most others give it only to select clients—for a fee—or keep it to themselves.