Our Spreads Are Not Negotiable™

OANDA takes cost uncertainty out of the equation. 

To be absolutely open and clear about the cost of trading with us, we publish our spreads for all traded currency pairs online, for everyone to see. We also publish a weekly record of the previous seven days worth of spreads so everyone can audit our historical data. Our trading platform refreshes spread and rate data tick-by-tick, so you can adapt your strategy to fit market conditions.

We're a different type of market maker

OANDA approaches forex trading differently than banks and other market makers. In fact, we’ve made it our mission to change the way forex trading is done—to make it more efficient, less costly, and fair.

Spreads change based on market liquidity

The forex market is not static. Rate volatility and changes in global market liquidity can result in large spread increases surrounding news announcements, during times of political uncertainty and prior to the weekend, when there is less liquidity. To prevent unwanted order execution, consider widening your take profits, stop losses or trailing stops. To avoid margin calls, reduce the margin you are using by reducing or closing your overall positions or adding more funds to your account.