Trade Forex on Your Own Terms

Why limit yourself to someone else's idea of the perfect lot size?

A computer scientist and an economist founded OANDA, so smart systems design, macroeconomic perspective, and critical thinking are in our DNA. We're a company built to innovate forex trading through efficiency and common sense.

We developed OANDA fxTrade to give you the flexibility to tailor your trading to fit any strategy, at any time. Our platform supports trades of any size, from $1.00 to $10 million.

Second-by-second interest—no rollover swaps

In the forex trading industry, standard practice for interest calculations on funds being traded is the rollover swap. By contrast, OANDA fxTrade calculates interest rates for all open trades—continuously, by the second, over the entire 24-hour day. This innovation means you:

  • Receive (or pay) interest based on the length of time you hold open trades—not based on the time of day you hold them.
  • Turn intraday trades into longer-term trades, without worrying about rollover swaps.
  • Receive interest on your open positions.
  • Know what you're being charged, with access to current interest rates. Interest charges are posted to your account every day.

Innovation in action

OANDA's ongoing innovation is responsible for new processes that make more sense in the computer age. We were the first market maker to offer:

  • A fully automated trading platform
  • Support for trades and accounts of any size
  • Quality execution and instant settlement
  • By-the-second interest calculations, eliminating the need for costly rollover swaps
  • Fractional pips so we can narrow spreads more than other dealers
  • A mobile trading app for the game-changing iPad device
  • True transparency – we are the only market maker to publish graphical spread statistics. We also publish open order summary statistics, and client entry price statistics aggregated from thousands of active traders.

When your intraday spot trade becomes a two-day contract

Most market makers treat spot trades as a forward contract. They process trades the old-fashioned way: with two-day settlements and rollover swaps. This antiquated system costs intraday traders time, opportunity, and money.

Two-day settlement restricts your flow of capital. It gives unfair advantage to the market maker—who makes you wait two business days until you get your money—and limits your freedom to execute your next trade (which might be in five minutes or an hour).